Dr. Scott J Kolbaba on ParaCave Radio

July 12, 2017

7/10/17 Scott J. Kolbaba, MD joins ParaCave radio to discuss miraculous experiences Doctors are hesitant to share with their patients, or anyone!


Cristopher Moon on ParaCave Radio

July 11, 2017

7/3/2017 Listen as I speak to Chris Moon about his new Episode of The Ghostbox Chronicles Episode 5, his new book, the upcoming book tour. Not to mention how/why he was the first to use the Franks' Box!


Heidi Steffens on ParaCave Radio

June 6, 2017

6/5/17 Listen as Heidi Steffans joins ParaCave Radio to talk about her work with Spirtual Counseling, classes she does on Reiki, Tarot, and tailor making a spitual expeirience for each client. We also talk about MySpiritExperience.com and Heidi makes a big annoucement!


Ken DeCosta on ParaCave Radio

May 23, 2017

5/22/17 Ken DeCosta joins ParaCave Radio to discuss the inception of RISEUP PARANORMAL, his charity work, mentoring, and his 40+ years in the field.


Spirit Mechanix on ParaCave Radio

May 16, 2017

5/15/2016 In this episode we welcome Spirit Mechanix to the fold with introductions to this team and the unique make-up of Metaphysical Professionals. This supergroup of specialists focus on those in need of emotional/physical help from attachments, chakra allignment, emotional issues, even exorcisms; in home or at their booth at the MP Fair. Join me as we find out more about these amazing people and how together, as a team, they tackle the cases that others have given up and/or tried everything with no result.


Special Episode: Protection

May 10, 2017

5/8/17 Journalist Carol Saarimaki joins ParaCave Radio with special guests Sharla Hardin and Faye Navarro to talk about protection before, during, and after a Paranormal Investigation/Event. Listen to our round table discussion on what we are doing right AND wrong and how to be SAFE in these situations.


Ken Boggle on ParaCave Radio

May 2, 2017

5/1/17 Ken Boggle Re-joins ParaCave Radio to discuss the "trickle down effect of awesomeness", Psychic Sunday's, the Mystical Paranormal Fair, Scarefest and MUCH more!


Jim Martin on ParaCave Radio

April 25, 2017

4/24/17 From Hauntology Productions: Jim Martin Joins me for Part 1 of a 3 part series on Our Haunted Destinations. We set the stage for Jim's latest project that will be turning paranormal investigations on their head by approching it a new way. We begin our discussion with Jim's background and discuss a little about Jackson, CA; a haunted destination that has never before been investigated and discuss a little bit about the haunted courthouse and jail. More to come in Part 2 and 3 that gets into the flesh of this project that will change how we approach haunted locations.


Scotty Rorek on ParaCave Radio

April 18, 2017

4/17/17 Scotty Rorek joins ParaCave Radio to discuss his many projects including; Lilly's Cry, Mid South Paracon, CIL-Con, The Mediums, AND he does a Psychic Reading on ME LIVE!


Amy Perry Lane on ParaCave Radio

April 11, 2017

4/10/17 Amy Perry Lane joins ParaCave Radio to discuss; her outlook on "experts" in the field, her unique and successful way she holds events with Para Expeditions, events coming up, staying true to yourself and much MUCH more!