Keith Age on ParaCave Radio

April 4, 2017

4/3/17 The Legendary Rock and Roll Ghost Hunter, Keith Age, joins ParaCave Radio to discuss; the founding of LGHS, his music, his Television Shows including his new project The Great American Paranormal Tour, Mid-South Paracon and Much more!


Shadow People Special on ParaCave Radio

March 28, 2017

3/27/17 brings you our Shadow People Special. With my special guest Faye Navarro, listen as we explore this mysterious phenomenon. We discuss the possibilities of of the elusive shadow being evil, benevolent, and even an interdimentional being. We also talk about the tradional sightings, insert our own theories, and MUCH more!


Mike Ricksecker Part 2 on ParaCave Radio

March 21, 2017

3/20/17 Listen to part 2 of my interview with Authour and Ghostorian Mike Ricksecker. We discuss his literary works such as; "Encounters With the Paranormal Part II", his upcoming appearance on Ghost Adventures, Haunted Road Media and MUCH more!


Into the Light Paranormal on ParaCave Radio

March 17, 2017

3/13/17 Listen as I speak with Geaorge and Cara from Into the Light Paranormal once again. This time we speak about their new "Team", their view on how respect during the investigation process is paramount, how they empower their clients, and the big anouncement they have for us all!


ParaCave Radio Tecnology Special Featuring Sharla Hardin and Cody DesBiens

March 7, 2017

3/6/17 The Technology Special! Join me with my special guests; Sharla Hardin and Cody Desbiens as we answer previosly emailed questions and questionson on the spot, LIVE, from the chat room. We discuss topis ranging from; what made us get into the technology side of paranormal investigating, recommendations on equipment, what IS good evidence, and MUCH more! Join us for Part 1 of our journey into the technology used to capture proof of the exisitance of that which we do not yet fully understand.


Rocky Karlage on ParaCave Radio

February 28, 2017

2/27/17 Listen as I speak with Rocky about "Lilly's Cry" in depth, how Ghost Walk Films was formed, the films that have been made and are in the process of release, how winning awards in fimmaking has had an effect on him and MUCH more!


SheSquatchers on ParaCave Radio

February 22, 2017

2/20/17 Listen as I talk with Stephanie, Jen and Kim from SheSquatchers about how an all female team searching for Bigfoot is changing the paradigm in the field, the unique team make-up, their recent television interview during one of their town hall type meetings dubbed "Bigfoot Banter's", the plan on how to say hello to the big fella and MUCH more!


Lost Souls Investigations on ParaCave Radio

February 15, 2017

2/13/17 Listen as I speak with Lost Souls Investigations about their experiences as children, the formation of the team, their residential case work and MUCH MORE!


Mike Ricksecker on ParaCave Radio

February 7, 2017

2/6/17 Listen as I speak with Mike about topics such as his Amazon Best Selling Book Series, Haunted Road Media, Paranormal Vines, his love for research and keeping history alive!


Christopher Maggard on ParaCave Radio

February 1, 2017

1/30/17 Listen as I interview Chris about how a paranormal experience shaped his life at a young age, his work in the film industry, his Television Show on Roku, the importace of editing and creative control, "Lilly's Cry" and MUCH MORE!